Tall and intimidating

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Ya but typically it goes the other way for me I get nervous and don't approach the girl in the first place. I am gaga over tall guys!

Tall and intimidating

I would probably wouldn't be able to stop staring! Just realize that not every girl is gonna say no. Ya makes sense. Sometimes it will be that way for me except the other way around. I'm not freakishly tall but taller then most. I was walking a few times with friends and we passed a window that was really reflective and I definitely stood out.

Guy's Behavior. Jolly-Green-Giant Xper 5. Hey, I'm 6'4'' and look down on most people I also weigh so I am solid as well. Basically curious if it is intimidating for me to walk up to some girl or what not. Do girls typically like tall guys? Your thought and opinions please. Share Facebook. Do girls see tall or big guys as intimidating?

Add Opinion. As a girl of all of 5'2", I have only dated guys over 6 feet! I love tall guys. I just think of tall, bigger guys as more masculine and that is what I tend to be more attracted to.

Tall and intimidating

Nothing wrong with being bigger, and it would intimidate me at all. You are tall, but you are still human! As long as you are a good person, that should be all that matters! Xper 6. I had a boyfriend who was 6' I LOVE tall guys. They are usually stronger. Well I know he is really strong and can pick me up. He weighs a lot more than you, but is built pretty good. Walk up to the girl because I wouldn't have wanted to walk up to the guy. I'm just under 5'3," and I adore all guys, tall or short! My last boyfriend was 6'6" andand he was perfect!

I dated another guy who was 5'6," and he was perfect as well! It's not scary, although it's soo hot that I can see how a girl might assume you're out of her league! Just be friendly. Still working on that. It is just embedded in my head I guess. Show All Show Less. I'm only around 5'11" well that's not particularly short admittedlyand I must admit I would find it extremely hard to stomach having a girlfriend who was taller than me, other than that all options are open.

Damned social stigmas are so hard to shake off entirely. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Would you say that a lot of guys are intimidated by full figured women? How come guys with an intimdating presence get girls? Sort Girls First Guys First. Some girls might be, I suppose. But I'm not. I have several tall friends, and one who fits your build almost exactly, except an inch taller. All the really tall guys I know are like big teddy bears in temperament, so I don't think anything of it.

Plus I have this weird habit of not realizing how small I actually am compared to these guys, and I'm only five six. Like even though I know how tall they are, I don't notice it. If that makes sense. Shiner4 opinions shared on Guy's Behavior topic.

Xper 7. Big guys are HOTT! I love tall, built, and strong guys. I like skinny guys but I prefer the broad shouldered tall ones. I love tall guys! Tall guys are a turn on for sure. I think you have a pretty positive sample of responses here. And yes tall guys CAN be intimidating but only because a girl like me thinks they're too hot to approach. No way. The way it feels to have a tall strong man wrap us up in his arms is intoxicating. We love feeling protected, which is exactly how it feels when we're with a tall strong guy.

I'm not super tall, but with heels, I'm around 5'10". Amanderrr Xper 4. I personally love tall guys, but it would be kind of intimidating to have someone towering over you. My advice, go for the basketball players or girls on the volleyball team. They're tall, you're tall I guess. However I do see them as out of my league I am 5'11" and my dad is 6'4" also so I wouldn't find it as intimidating as some girls might. I def. GirlFriday Xper 5. That sounds good. I would love to date a tall guy I would feel so safe and cuddly in his arms lol. Shlei3 opinions shared on Guy's Behavior topic.

Tall and intimidating

I'm 4'9" so almost everyone is taller than me. However, because of this not one guy intimidates me with their height or width. ComicStix Xper 5. I'm tall myself and looking for mr. So I like the taller guys! You would be the perfect height! Guarantee it.

And I'm more than a foot shorter than you. SamiiStarr Xper 4. Girls, well most love it when their man is taller then them. I myself am 5'11 and can't find any guys as tall or taller then myself. So, feel free to walk up to a girl.

Tall and intimidating

We find it hot when a guy is tall and muscular. Tall guys are hot.

Tall and intimidating

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Do girls see tall or big guys as intimidating?