Lesbians in cheney

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By Alex Dobuzinskis.

Lesbians in cheney

Reuters - Former U. Vice President Dick Cheney entered the fray between his daughters over gay marriage on Monday as he rose to defend Liz Cheney, a Republican Senate candidate from Wyoming whose stance against same-sex nuptials has drawn barbs from her lesbian sister. The public spat comes as gays and lesbians seeking the right to marry have won a series of victories in the past year, with Hawaii last week becoming the 15th state to enact a law legalizing gay marriage and Illinois poised to become the next.

An increasing of Republicans have come to support gay marriage, even though a solid majority in the party oppose it. Liz has always believed in the traditional definition of marriage. Dick Cheney, who served as vice president under former President George W. But he has said states should regulate the matter, not the federal government. Liz Cheney, before announcing her candidacy for the U. Senate in July, served as a deputy secretary of state in the Bush administration.

Her father was elected as a congressman from Wyoming in and served until Her younger sister, Mary Cheney, married longtime partner Heather Poe last year. Gallup released a survey in May finding that 53 percent of Americans believe the law should allow same-sex marriage. It was the third consecutive survey by the organization finding support of at least 50 percent for gay marriage. While she opposes same-sex marriage, Liz Cheney had opposed a attempt to amend the Wyoming constitution to ban gay marriage and she supports extending health and other benefits to gay and lesbian couples.

As a result, political action committee the American Principles Fund has run a television advertisement against Liz Cheney accusing her of not being conservative enough.

Lesbians in cheney

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Lesbians in cheney Lesbians in cheney

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